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Traditional Orkney Chairs

Our classic beauty - Orkney Chairs made in the precious hardwood OAK.

Oak is a hard, durable wood and a good choice if you intend to sit in your chair, it is placed where it may be brushed against or bumped eg in a hallway or your household has lively children and/or pets.   The wood can sometimes display distinctive striped markings in the grain, often this is very subtle.

When considering your Orkney Chair in your existing decor, oak is the lightest wood we offer.  It's natural neutral tone will compliement most colour schemes.  If your home already contains a lot of dark wood and you would prefer the wood of your Orkney Chair to match this we suggest taking a look at our deep, dark walnut chairs and rich sapele wood chairs. 

Oak Hooded Orkney ChairOak Hooded ChairOak Hooded Orkney Chair - side view

Above - Orkney Oak Chair with HOOD and with and without DRAWER also known as a Hooded Orkney Chair.  This one is a full-size chair also called a Gent's Chair.

Oak Orkney Chair garden side viewOak Orkney Chair garden

Above - Traditional Orkney Oak Chair with DRAWER. This one is a full-size chair also called a Gent's Chair, the wooden base is illustrated below left.

Oak Orkney Chair wooden base Oak Orkney Chair in makingOak Orkney Chair gardenAbove - wooden oak base, the completed chair is above.  Full size Traditional Oak Orkney Chair with drawer in progress, completed chair to right.  

Three sizes of Orkney Chair - sunlitAbove - Full-size, three-quarter size and peedie (small) Orkney Chairs with and without Hoods also called Gent's Chair, Lady's Chair and Child's Chair.  

Oak Orkney Chairs are available in a variety of designs: Traditional, Hooded, with Drawer, without Drawer, and in three sizes.

Child's Orkney Chair with flowersChild's Orkney ChairChild's Orkney Chair side view

The peedie (small) chair or Child's Chair, pictured right ready for it's new little owner with a Handmade In Orkney label.  

2 Ladies Chairs with /without drawer2 Ladies Chairs with /without drawer - side view

 Three-quarter size Orkney Chair or Lady's Chair, with or without drawer. For size comparison see below.    

Walnut Gent's and Oak Lady'sOak Gent's and Oak Lady'sSapele Gent's and Oak Lady's

Walnut Gent's and Oak Lady'sOak Lady's and Oak Gent'sSapele Gent's and Oak Lady's - side

Above - Gent's Walnut Chair + Lady's Oak with drawer, Lady's Oak without Drawer and Gent's with drawer, Gent's Sapele with Lady's Oak

Oak Gent's Orkney ChairOak Gent's Orkney Chair in progress

Full-size Traditional Oak Orkney Chair or Gent's Chair without drawer.  

Oak Hooded Orkney ChairOak Hooded Orkney Chair - sideOak Hooded Orkney Chair - backOak Hooded Orkney Chair - side

Above - Full-size Orkney Chair with HOOD and DRAWER, ie a Hooded Gent's Chair with drawer.  A stunning piece of craftmanship, also available without a drawer. 

Above - Full-size Orkney Chair with HOOD, ie a Hooded Gent's Chair without drawer.  

Oak and Driftwood Hooded Orkney ChairsDriftwood Hood and Child's Oak ChairsChild's Hooded Orkney Chair - sideChild's Hooded Orkney Chair

Full size Oak & Driftwood Hooded Chairs, Full-size and Peedie (Small) Chairs, Peedie Hooded Chair, A Child's Hooded Chair looks tiny in comparison! 

Our Oak Chairs look wonderful in sets!  We're happy to undertake a special commission for you.  See also our Special Requests and Commissions page.

Set of 4 Oak Orkney Chairs Three sizes of Orkney Chair

Set of four Oak Orkney Chairs ordered for a dining room, set of three, as if for the Three Bears! 

                                           Old Orkney Driftwood Chair   Walnut Orkney Chair Sapele Orkney Chair

                                              Old Orkney Driftwood Chairs            Walnut Orkney Chairs                     Sepele Orkney Chairs