Styles and Sizes

We offer three different sizes of chair – gent’s, lady’s and child’s – with the option of a hood and/or a drawer. You can also choose from a solid wood or woven seagrass seat.

You can find a guide on how to choose the correct size of chair here.

Our Woods


Orkney has very few trees and, in the past, islanders would comb the shores for timber washed up from shipwrecks. This wood was in great demand for fencing, fuel and, of course, for chairs.

Our driftwood chairs are made in the traditional way, using logs and wood found around Orkney’s shorelines, providing a direct and authentic link to the past.

Each driftwood chair is unique, with a richness and character all of its own.

All the driftwood we use is very carefully selected and dried to make it suitable for chair framework.

Good quality driftwood isn’t always available, but we’re always happy to add you to our waiting list while we seek out fresh shoreline discoveries!


For our redwood chairs we use Finnish grown Scots pine, which projects a beautiful honey glow, reminiscent of some of the oldest Orkney chairs found in island croft houses.

Our special oil enhances this natural colour, giving the impression of a much older chair, while still allowing the grain to be seen. Redwood also provides a fine contrast to our light, golden Orkney straw.


Sapele has a rich reddish-brown colour and, over the years, our master joiner Ian has experimented with a number of natural waxes and natural oils to achieve the most radiant of finishes with this wonderful wood.  As with walnut, sapele’s rich colour provides a lovely contrast to our golden straw.


Oak is a hard, durable wood and a good choice if you want to really use your chair as an everyday item of furniture or intend placing it where lots of household traffic passes by!

The lightest wood we offer, oak often displays distinctive striped markings in the grain, with its neutral tone ideal for most colour schemes around the home.

We also use premium quality Scottish oak, which has a particularly rich colour and distinctive character.


Walnut makes one of the most desirable chairs, with the depth of colour in the wood perfectly complementing the golden glow of our Orkney straw.

We use American black walnut, rather than European walnut, as it reveals a beautiful patterned grain when cut, lending a wonderful elegance to the chair.

Orkney Stools

We also craft Orkney stools – attractive, useful and ideal for putting your feet up while enjoying your new chair! We can produce stools in a variety of sizes, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Choosing the correct size of chair.

Our Orkney chairs are available in the standard three sizes, which have been made for generations.

Find the right size for you.

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